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Tasha and Neil’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Jul 2005

Location: Lima, Peru

MapHello Everyone

Well we made it, and we still can´t believe we´re here. We´ve done so much in 4 days and already wondering how we´re gonna not spend all our $ before July 2006!

We landed in the dark & it was pretty scary! Not as scary as when Tasha paid for 2 beers we had in a local bar in US$ when it should have been the local currency of "soles"! In énglish´ it cost us 1.50GBPs for both & she paid for the beers before leaving a 4.50GBP tip! He was a very happy man & asked us to call back again...and again..and again...

Staying in a wicked hostel for $6 a nite & we get breakfast in bed! Manager is a top bloke who helped us loads! He is a fountain of local knowledge. Went to an pre-inca site called Huaca Pucllana. Got a tour round with some spectic tanls, Tasha took a classy pic of a ´buried body´offering to the gods while most stood back in respect! The english hey! Saw how the inca´s built their villages & the rituals they did when building a new site! Ate a very hot chilli ...seed! 1 seed burnt Neil´s tongue for 4 hours after the septic tank made him eat one! The septic´s hey!

At Huaca Pucllana Neil received his first offer for Tasha! 3 Llama´s & a bag of chilli´s thrown in BUT he knows she is worth so much more & there´s no way "Neil & Grandma´s Camel Express Transport" business is gonna take off with those things as the only way to beat the M25 traffic jams!

Been to a park by the cliff tops called "Parque del Amor" where the lovers meet for privacy! We held hands, looked into each others eyes....and then we went back to the B&B as it´s too cold for that romantic stuff by the cliffs....very chilli on the old pecker....

Tasha made Neil go to a sports bar yesterday to watch footy! Real Madrid game was on & as it´s her ´spanish team´ he gave in to save an argument! She had beer & chips when she watched it too! Louiza wud be so proud of her friend!!

Already realising we´re amateurs at this travelling thing! We had to change our internal flight in Chile or we´d have had 14 days to cross the whole of Bolivia! Ooops! Now flying from Iquito to Santiago on 17 Sept!

Last nite spent evening in Larco Mar by the coast, a trendy little place with bars, restaurants & a cinema! Beautiful views of the coast & beach. Tasha wanted to see Los Quatro Fantasticos so Neil agreed to follow up his stint in the sports bar with another ´girlfriend related´ experience! A top nite out...enjoyed by all!

Trekked round Lima Central today to do a bit of culture! Visited Saint San Francisco church, Plaza de Mayor, Saint Matrin monument & Museum de Inquisicion where they decided who was good & who was bad OR rather who the leaders wanted to bump off! Then they asked the big cross of Jesus Christ if he deserved to die or not & the man behind it with strings moved the cross to decide the persons fate....depending if the leaders wanted him dead or not!

Visited our second wedding in 7 days on Saturday nite...Stew & Nai´s last week & this week a Peruvian couple tying the knot at 10pm on Saturday nite in the main cathedral in Miraflores! Tasha still won´t commit though....

At the Museum of Saint San Francisco we did another tour! Went into the Catacombs were they buried their dead! Good $ for the church apparently & the people could finish off closer to god being there. 25,000 people were discovered buried there b4 they opened a cementry years later! Tasha managed to get us lost from the tour when she got the camera the time she´d finished doing pics of skeletons the tour party had moved on & we were in the burial place all alone & lost!! Luckily we managed to find our way out & the skeletons were all too pleased to see the back of us as she kept insisting they "smiled nicely"...

We´re off on bus trip up the western coast tonight to a place called "Trujillo". Hoping for a bit more sun & a break from the city life of Peru. May well take a bit of time out on the beach too if the sun shows his face? Booked a hostel for 3.50GBPs per nite which should be fun in breakfast though?

Hope this is not too long...don´t want to take up all 45 minutes of your lunch break AT WORK!! (ha ha ha!)

Love from ur favourite travellers

PS: Please send Tasha a hairdryer as she moans every morning about "her hair" & if I could swap my PHAT puffer jacket for something that fitted in my ruck sack I´d put my left kidney up for sale!