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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2002

Location: Mojaca, Spain

Map Ola!!! We enjoyed Seville,very cruisy old city..Went out for Tex Mex one night.Had the biggest cocktails you´ve ever seen!Someone got a bit tipsy.....Another night went to the Irish pub to watch more soccer/football.......Next we were on to Granada mainly just to see the 11th century Alhambra- a huge sultans palace & fortress..Pretty impressive.We got the train to Almeria & hired a car for 4 days to do the Costa de Almeria-a beautiful stretch of coast on the east.Stayed in San Jose 2 days.Did some washing (the first in 4 weeks!!) There was a blackout at night in the whole town so it was a very early night. Next drove along the coast road,stopping at some gorgeous beaches-the water is so blue. We got Mojacar yesterday which is actually somewhere that Craig´s family holidayed at 20 years ago!!We even found the exact resort village they stayed in,still the same! Freaky!!
The weather here is beautiful-so is the beach-lucky as we just found out all the later flights out of Barcelona are booked out,so we have to go on Sunday!!So it´ll be a rushed trip up the coast.. This is our last beach stop! We may even be home in a week or so ,with the current situation in Sth. East Asia... Spewing big time... That doesn´t mean to say we´ll be going back to work any earlier than originally planned though!! We´ll still be on hols,just not where we wanted to be! Can´t believe our holiday will be over so soon & cut short like this.Very sad... Hasta luego España..................So many more paellas to be eaten & sangria to drink....