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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Oct 2002

Location: Mojacar, Spain

MapForgot to tell you ,we went to a flamenco show in Seville.Not the touristy dinner/show thing.It was at a cultural centre & we were in the front row.There was 2 guys singing & playing guitar,& a lady dancing.The very 1st song must have been a really sorrowful story as the guy singing broke out into this loud wailing.But the funniest thing was his facial expressions.He was inadvertantly pulling the ugliest faces & we had to stop ourselves from laughing out loud!It was like being at school & you get the giggles & can´t stop laughing ,but everyone else is silent. Anyway,the guy stopped pulling faces & the dancing was excellent! -Bit of trivia,here in España they have sausage pillows on all the beds,you just get one 5 foot long pillow! --We´ve come to the conclusion that the spanish have the best working hours.Not only are shops etc. closed for siesta(anywhere from 1pm to 7pm), but most close sunday & some even Monday!We always seem to get hungry or arrive in a new town at these times!It´s been great having the freedom of a car for 4 days.Now we have to use our legs again,wouldn´t be so bad without 15kg on your back!! We´re going to stay in Mojacar another 5 days.This will be the little beach holiday that Bali would have been.We have our own apartment with kitchen,loungeroom etc...We´ve already stocked up the bar with sangria & cocktail ingredients!There´s 2 huge pools in the complex,cafes,bars ,restaurants,tennis,ping pong,mini golf etc..& entertainment at night.This is the life!! Back to hardcore backpacking for the last 2 weeks (ha).. Yes, we´re flying home from Spain on the 13th November-Emma´s 28th B´day (& the new grey hairs are showing it!) At least we´ll get free drinks on the trip to celebrate!Craig´s already said it´s his shout.......