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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Oct 2002

Location: Mojacar, Spain

Map150 Malaria tablets for sale!!They´ve even travelled around the world - what a waste......... Oh yeah...Craig did an excellent job at driving on the wrong side of the road.(for us anyway!) Out of the cities was easy,on the open country roads.But finding our way back to the car hire place in Almeria city was fun!They have weird separate lanes & flashing lights-then throw in some one way streets & driving on the right hand side, it all makes for some fun...He did well though. Nothing changes, we cooked a meal for the 1st time in months & there was enough for 8 people!So we´re right for food for a few days. We don´t want to backpack again.This beach life is lovely.3 more days then on the road again............