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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Nov 2002

Location: Barcelona or Barthelona!, Spain

MapLeft Valencia 4 days ago-the best things about that city were our nice clean cheap room,the beach,shops & the best paella yet.(not the most exciting place) Got the super fast train to Barcelona-took 3 hours (8 by bus!). Now we have our metro back again & another pension recommended by the Lonely Planet.We're in the old part of the city( along with all the other tourists). Little alleys,gothic cathedral,plazas & heaps of cafes & shops.A "Pans" or "Bocatta" on every corner.Spain's most popular takeaway shops.We've eaten so many baguettes in the last 6 weeks.And a million "cafe con leches"! ...................Barcelona is different to the rest of Spain in that the people are more alternative-hippies,gothics & HEAPS of homeless. The homeless all have pets (maybe to attract more money?-or is it incase they run out food!)..We've seen guys with 2 big dogs tied to a shopping trolley,5 cats shoved in one basket & a dancing guinea pig.Heaps of young homeless too....................We've been getting a bit lazy now that we're coming home soon.We've been going to bed 1-2am & getting up 10-11 am!!We jump in & out of the freezing cold shower & leave the room by midday.About 6 or 7 hours later we stagger back after exploring the harbour,Montjuic Hill,the alleys,La Rambla & some Gaudi sites...Gaudi was a modernist architect in the late 1800's who designed some awesome buildings,parks,palaces & cathedrals.They have to be seen to be appreciated.Really weird curvey,space age,fairy tale,spooky,colourful things.La Sagrada Familia is a massive cathedral started in 1882 & they're STILL building it! (Too many siestas?)...We climbed to the top of the oldest towers, about 100 metres.Amazing place....................The other night we met an american couple in "The Blarney Stone".Chatted for a while & arranged to meet the following night for tapas.Anyway, they stood us up!Craig was happy-he'd been dreading it all day.So we went & had a beautiful italian meal by ourselves..........Our room is a renovators dream!It doesn't have 4 corners-it has about 5 1/2!The walls curve in at various angles (on purpose,we're not sure?)....& the wall paper is peeling off like snake skin.In otherwords it's great!Well compared to the hostel that Nick experienced with us in Blarney,Ireland.Where we were studying bits of fluff on the sheets to see if they moved ,exposing themselves as bedbugs.After 10 minutes of staring we were sure some of them jumped!Our imaginations had us scratching all night................