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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Jul 2002

Map Hey there!Well we finally found a computer that likes our website.OK to catch you up on the last week: Noosa was looovely & relaxing.Met a funny couple from Denmark.They thought that the toll to cross the harbour bridge was $100!!!So they were just going to stay in the city.They asked us where we recommend to go in Sydney so Craig said they definitely had to spend a day or 2 at the mall!Some how they thought to join YHA they had to spend 30 days in 1 hostel.Quite funny the facts people get wrong..........Emma often gets mistaken for being a pommie.We met some one last night who thought Em sounded more English than Craig.Speaking of being English,when we were ringing around for hostels in Noosa we rang one that was going to charge Em $20 more a night for not having an international passport!How rude... Spent 2 days last week on Fraser Island,beautiful & much bigger than we expected.Went on an organized 4wd tour which was very bumpy.Met lots of people on this tour.Saw rainforests,lakes,whales,shipwreck & lots of kodak moments.
You'd think going to Fraser Island you'd see lots of dingoes but the only locals we saw were the cowboys who it seemed had never seen women before! ........Last night we did the big trip to Airlie Beach.Spent today roaming the town & tonight catching up with an english couple from our Fraser tour.Tomorrow we do a day trip to Long Island............On the bus last night met an Irish couple with the strongest accent.Maree was smaller than Emma & sounded like a little leprechaun(you know the little green people?)She was so talkative & told us all about where we should go & stay.Very helpful....To be sure we'll talk to you soon!