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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jul 2002

MapBack again!We spent a groovy night in a treehouse in Mission Beach....Thanks Ainhoa you little hippy..peace ,love & mung beans baby!.....Then we treated ourselves to 2 nights in a great motel in town.No!We didn't pike out...We deserved a bathroom & TV & 2 pillows each!Mission is a pretty quiet place,they rave about their beach but I think we're spoilt on the northern beaches ,as it was a poor comparison.
Arrived in Cairns yesterday..Have a great hostel in the middle of town.Today went up the sky rail to Kuranda & Emma checked out the butterflies at the sanctuary..Excellent.,.There were hundreds everywhere..Took the train back down to Cairns...Tomorrow we go to the Barrier Reef & while Craig sits on the boat looking at the scary water contemplating whether to go in or not,Emma may try scuba diving.That's if Craig hasn't freaked her out too much with his stories of the deep blue sea!