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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jul 2002

MapThe Barrier Reef was excellent!Took 1hr 45min. to get out to the reef.Craig did a good job of convincing everyone he was going snorkelling,even put the wetsuit & boots on.But when the snorkelling instuctor turned his back,Craig disappeared up to the bow of the boat where during the day he transformed himself into a bright red version of Bat Man!
Emma did her 1st scuba dive & absolutely loved it.Such a weird sensation being able to breath so far under the water.Saw heaps of large turtles up really close.
Yesterday we hired a tiny little Daewoo & drove up to Cape Tribulation.Stopped at Mossman Gorge which is beautiful.You walk through some rainforest to get to it.It's the clearest deep green water with huge round white rocks sticking up everywhere, surrounded by rainforest.Crossed the Daintree River & drove to Cape Trib. through more rainforest.
Said goodbye to the Irish couple that we keep bumping in to (wish they'd open their eyes!),and organized to see them in Ireland.
So it's over & out until Ireland!