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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 Jul 2002

MapGotta lurve Qantas!!!Had our own tv's,right up the back row & Craig was in heaven with 13 hours of computer games!!!The Aer Lingus wasn't quite so good.Could have done with the luck of the Irish when 2 hours out of LA the captain said we were having computer problems & would have to detour to Chicago airport to fix the plane!!It was a nervous one hour flight to Chicago!!3 hours later after staying on the plane we took off for Dublin again!Made it safely(as you can see).Staying at Marcus's lovely flat in Dublin,close to everything...(maybe he'll like the website more if we mention his name a bit!)..Marcus & Leanne made a yummy curry for our 1st night..Slept like logs,after 40hrs of travelling..Explored Dublin today.Beautiful city...Nicky boy flys over on Saturday & we take off around the country in our car..Till then.....