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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Aug 2002

MapOn Friday we got the ferry with Leanne & Marcus ,over to Holyhead,Wales.There's a Burger King on board so we bought 2 burgers,2 fries & 2 drinks & it cost $30 australian!
Arrived in the midlands of England about 9:30pm,then went out for a curry at 10:30pm (as you do!).Ordered a family naan bread literally the size of a small coffee table.
Spent Saturday visiting Craig's cousins,uncles,aunts & putting faces to names.Had another curry,in Ashby this time.Then a few drinks in the various pubs.Craig & Marcus the pool sharks had to win some money before calling it a night!Some of us felt quite seedy the next day!
Back in our temporary home now in Dublin.Although we'll feel better when Marcus gets to sleep in his own bed again!Nightmare..
Off to Europe on Friday...Might get in some more Irish music at the pubs 1st(& a Guinness or 2).......