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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Sep 2002

Map OK SORRY!!!!!!Crap foreign computers!Well...Goodbye Ireland,& Marcus,Leanne,Will,Marie & Tom....Thanks for a great time guys..Ok.Been to Paris,Switzerland,Florence & are presently in Greece..Just finished our 4 days sailing...Craig was captain & Emma 1st mate of our boat!!!(thanks to our catamaran sailing on Great Keppel!!!)Our boat was a 30 foot yacht called "Triena" & everyone was jealous as it was bigger and had all the Extras like electric ancor puller,fridge,bedrooms & radio.We had 5 other people on the boat.All aussies(2 sisters from Palm Beach!)Yesterday we won best boat over all & got a shot of some greek alcohol!!Our tour should be called "summer fun and raining!!"(not summer fun & sailing!).Well we've had some sun & over all we've been very lucky,not too hot at all.We'll think of some of the funny things and let you know soon..It's hard to think on the spot!