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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Sep 2002

Map Well here we are on Nick's computer,the tour is over and lots of stories to tell...We had mostly aussies & kiwis on the tour.Some welsh,scottish,Southafricans,japa- nese....Mini bar on the bus with beer and coke!! Greek Island sailing was interesting,our boat got vomited on,another boat got struck by lightening,and some one got a fish hook thru their foot & went to hospital..The weather was ok.,not so much wind though,when we had a sailing race some of the boats actually went backwards!!We didn't have a shower for 4 days and got used to not flushing toilet paper down the toilet. Discovered that greek table dancing is not dancing ON a table,it's actually dancing WITH a table in your mouth..In France Craig had a royale with cheese(from pulp fiction fame!!)Went 4000m above sea level in switzerland up a mountain and played in the snow..In Rome we saw the sistine chapel,vatican city,colosseum etc.....Sneaked a photo in the sistine chapel,,,and sneaked a piece of colosseum!!! In Venice the main square was flooded up to our knees in water,quite an amazing sight.
In Austria we didn't spend much time but had a dress up night & a group photo.Our theme was hippy..Lots of drinking games that night.A few of us went in town and had a drink at the local.Drank "flugerls" and had a strange conversation in german with a local!!
Amsterdam....Well....Most people on the tour went to a sex show,so we couldn't be old fogies,so Yes we went!!Something to tell the kids!!
Strange city....
Over all ,great tour,made some friends & had heaps of laughs.Photos coming soon care of Dutch mail(hopefully)....Staying with Nick tonight,had dinner with Ainhoa also(paying out on the aussies!)..Off to Turkey tomorrow...........