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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Oct 2002

Map ¡Hola! Buenas dias....Shock to the system to be back on the euros again.Well Turkey had it´s expensive moments,at Istanbul airport a large Burger King meal was $12.50 aus! We´re staying right in the centre of Madrid in Puerta del sol,our room costs $64 aus.There´s bars ,cafes & restaurants all around us.Today we went for a long walk then booked our bus tickets to Lisbon,Portugal then got the metro to Estadium Santiago Bernabeu,which is Real Madrid´s home ground.(one of the best soccer/football teams in the world for those who don´t know!)Bought 2 tickets for sundays´ game,now Craig´s a very happy camper!
It´s 8pm now & we´re deciding where to go for dinner as the spanish don´t eat till about 10.Craig fits in well with the whole siesta thing!It´s so good to be able to use the tap water again.Oh yeah-Big Mac index update: Turkey-$4 aus,Madrid-$5 aus.
Another thing that sucks about Turkey (don´t get us wrong-we enjoyed it!),is that 70% of people smoke & always right in your face,especially while eating.The buses are no smoking but the driver still smokes,so it gets pumped thru the air con to everyone-nice!
Anyway-it´s good to be in España!Love that sangria...