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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2002

Map We´re back......& yes we heard about Bali the day after it happened..Very scary.Still working out what we can do with our flights & Bali plans.Feels weird to be talking about our happy travels after what happened,but we need to let you all know what we´ve been doing for the last goes:-
Found a beautiful park in Madrid last Monday while waiting to get our bus at night.Craig was so happy as it was full of conkers,the most he´d ever seen.So reverted to his childhood & we played conkers for 2 hours! In this same peaceful park & a jesus look-a-like spanish freak asks us if we need any help.We say no thanks & he starts lecturing us about how everyone needs help & it´s arrogant of us to say we don´t.Apparently it´s people like us that sept. 11 taught a lesson to.He just wouldn´t go away so we soon left this park & it´s resident mental patient. The bus to Portugal was 1st class literally-huge leather seats,earphones,radio stations & movie.Although we had someone with a bad case of BO behind us. Arrived in Lisbon at 6:30 am & were not in a state to search for accomodation.Got the good old metro.We love it now,Sydney really needs one.It´s so cheap & convenient.Get accross town in minutes. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal& is right near the water.Steap cobbled streets & large squares with fountains & statues. Went to the oceanarium built for the expo ´98.It´s excellent,massive tank full of 7-8 foot sharks,stingrays etc.Also 2 amuzing sea otters & a whole lot of penguins who swim in the same tank as the sharks & chase fish bigger than themselves.-Left Lisbon after one day as we were on a mission to find some beaches.Believe it or not this travelling lark gets very draining! We´re sure someone keeps sneaking bricks or something into our bags.No matter how much we send home,they just get heavier & heavier!