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Em & Craig’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2002

Map Back again...Having trouble checking the messages today.Hope there´s lots though.It cheers us up to get them.Thanks Boon-come on everyone else.! You know whenever you feel a bit home sick,you can be sure to hear Kylie Minogue or Natalie Imbruglia on the radio anywhere in the world!
Wednesday arrived in Lagos (Portugal) @ 7pm after our bus broke down & they got us another after an hour.We had the best room,3 floors up-our own balcony,cable tv & a great comfy bed.Found beaut beaches with big cliffs & nice little grottoes but unfortunately not much sunshine.Went out for dinner every night in Lagos- seafood,chinese & indian (all really traditional Portugese food!).Found a nice cocktail bar-$5 cocktails..& met a guy from Collaroy.
Next went to Tavira ,a little town close to Spain but still on the coast.It´s full of really old buildings,little alley ways & 13 churches.We got a room with a portugese family..Our own kitchen,bathroom..They spoke no english,but we got by with hand signals & the odd word here & there.Went by short ferry trip to a big sandy island.Had a swim in the atlantic ocean.
Now it´s Tuesday & we´re back in Spain,in Seville.It´s literally a maze here.Tiny,narrow streets that all look the same.We got lost yesterday looking for our pension.Beautiful city,not big & noisy.Really old with some great peaceful parks.Saw a pet shop selling these poor tiny little squirrels,baby turtles & iguanas........You can wake up now it´s over!!!!!!!!!