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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2006

Location: Posh Oxford, UK

MapHey there readers! How we doing? I am great. Had a fabulous birthday weekend here in Oxford. Was gonna just bury my head in the sand (mud over here because its so wet) but decided that even though I was working both days I would go out and get totalled with the girls from RI. So we did. Photos to come later. I think. Now I have two days off. Gonna get some firm travel plans in these two days I think. Had an awesome week last week and caught up with little Natty Grant from home. She is over here in London to do the travel thang. Hope we can get to Egypt together maybe in May. Might meet up with Katie this week - one of our mates is in hosp in Germany after an accident. I think he is Ok though. I have met some more interesting people - they just come out of the wood work here! Watching the Commonwealth Games has been cool - Go MElbourne!!! Lovin it. Tis making me a bit homesick though. But, all in good time. Will update soon. Love to all. Miss you all heaps. xoxo PS - look after Dan while she' sthere. Get heaps of photos!!