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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Apr 2006

Location: Posh Oxford, UK

MapHi Mum!! Hope you have got yourself onto the site again. I am very very proud of you (and of Ben for putting it on the favorites - clever dude!).
I called you only last night so there is not much to report as I think I chewed your ear off enough then. Although, I got a letter under my door today telling me I have to move out in 10 days. Which is less notice than I was originally told I would get. Hopefully I am moving into Leanne and Shenay's room at the RI (where Dan lives) and just riding my bike to work.
But I dont know when they are going to be kicked out of the RI. So what's organised at the moment is for me to move to the other accommodation on site at the JR (the hospital where I work) but it's 130 POUNDS more a month!! So that's 300 AUD more. Bloody bastards. I betcha it's not even that much better there.
They reckon they have refurbished this new one Im sposed to be going into but I bet they have just slapped some paint on the walls and got rid of the rankness. So dunno what Im gonna do really.
But if the others dont have to move too soon Im gonna go live over there and try and save some money and then p off somewhere. Dunno where yet either. Italy or Spain. Coz cant afford to go to Egypt yet.
Anywhoo. Lost my library card and got a spanking new one just yesterday and tried the "new" one tonight, and no. It was the old one. So I now only have the old one that wont let me into the library and the new one has gone missing. Ridicurous, I know.
But then I snuck into the library behind someone else and am sittin here sweatin a bit coz dunno how im gonna get out.
Better go. Love you and miss all. xoxoox