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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 May 2006

Location: Oxford, UK

MapGday. Had the best sleep ever last night!! Woke up this morning for the first time in ages without feeling like going back to sleep!! Ive had a pretty hectic couple days though; working and playing takes it out of me! So I went into town this morning and had some good retail therapy. SO GOOD in fact, that I have used my credit card too much and now have to wait three days for payments to be transferred into the account before I can get my stupido camera. Doh.
Doesnt matter.
Not training too hard this week - just a couple a short runs to "loosen up" as per Rick's advice. (He did a lot of triathalons and stuff when him and Tarsh were living back in NZ).

Might be sorting out Manchester work - will keep u updated.

Better go and call the agency now actually.

Love Ab. xo