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Abs’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 May 2006

Location: Oxfordshire, UK

MapHello!! Big run tomro. Uh oh. Will no doubt let you know how it goes.

Have had a quiet training week - didnt want to get injured. But I managed to do ten days straight at work and ride to work every day and go for a couple runs so I dont think I am too unfit. Tomoro will tell I guess.

Finally got my camera!! I figured out why it wasnt working too- the company was running a fraud check and my addresses werent matching up (because I had been too unorganised to put my new address with the bank, etc). So now I wait for it.

Bit nervous about tomro. But also a bit hungover. Went to the pub after work yesterday in the sun with some of the girls and had a wicked laugh. Was only sposed to be for one drink but I was in bed by ten so it doesnt matter. NOT going out tonight.

Bugger, it has just started to rain. It was sunny at 9 this morning!!! Oh well, at least Im not at work.

Thanks for everyones emails and messages - keep in touch!! xoxo