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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Location: Chesvegas., UK

MapHey dudes. Well I had a brilliant sleep and am wired wired wired!!! I think I might be a little geared up with stress. But all good!!

I found some more photos of Scotland that I put on. Couldnt resist as they are just so funny and really show what a great time we had. Warning to everyone though: dont go out on the last night before an International Flight!! You would think I would remember that given I have already done it once (Finland). Luckily I was at the airport with Kate and Rick and Tarsh very early (R and T had an earlier flight). But the other car really just scraped it in with the timing.

I have a late shift today and Lizzie is driving me back to Oxford. Dunno what time Im gettin into Oxford but Ill just ring them on the way and say my "train" is running late and I wont be there till 230/3. They'll love it. Other agency staff dont start till 3 most of the time anyway, and Ill put it down on my timesheet so no-one whinges about it. But I have been a fairly dedicated worker there for five months now so I am hoping to be cut a little slack today. Fingers crossed!!

Dan is all moved in in London. She is not sure how it will go with her new flat mates but reckons she will be working too much to see anyone anyway.

We are going to France together and Spain in a couple of weeks will be excellent!!

Ps - anyone in England come to our going away party on the 19th in Oxford. Can stay at RI if like, just bring sleeping bag or check if Ive got one first. Should be a good night.