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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Location: Oxford

MapHey guys! Am on my tea break at work and didnt want to do nothing so came to library. Had a really nice quiet weekend. Mostly hung around with Rick and Tarsh - Kiwis who live next door. But now I have changed rooms again; because Leanne and Shenay are back!!! They are brown as and were so tired last night. Cant wait to hear all the stories from their trip. They are already getting up to mischief..
Went to Brighton for the day yesterday - I borrowed Clar's car and went for a drive. It was so lovely to get back into a car again - I miss my car!!! Met Nat Grant on the beach for lunch. Was great. Photos to come of that soon.

Love you all and miss you all heaps.
Mum - get Dad's blood pressure checked and tell him to CHILL OUT!!! Love ab. xoxoxoxoxoxo