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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 May 2006

Location: Oxfordshire, UK

MapHello! Well have had a massive few days. Friday night was our leaving do which went quite well - wasnt an absolute massive bender (of course I managed to probably drink the most). It was just really great to talk to everyone outside of work and to catch up with them all.

We decided to then all go camping down at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire; where the Gregory's are from (Liz and Rob). And we talked young Clare into coming with us and into taking her (fixed) car too!

Chatsworth House is an absolutely gorgeous old "house" that I think is really a Palace in the green rolling hills of Northern England. A Duke and Duchess still own it and live there but they hold Carnivals and Festivals there every year to keep up the tourism and to basically use the brilliant ground it is on. It's massive and has beautiful gardens and a small river running through it and hills in the background (Will put some photos up really soon).

This weekend was the Angling (Fly Fishing) Fair. The Gregory's are Scout Leaders so they set up camp on the Chatsworth grounds and bring their tractors along and make the Venturers go around and pick up all the rubbish on the grounds and basically do the housekeeping while these carnivals are on.

Because it was a bit rainy there werent too many people at the Fair, and the ones that did come, came and bought what they needed and headed off home as not too fun in the rain. So the place wasnt too busy and the Venturers and the Gregory's got to have a bit of a relaxing time - (so did we of course).

It was so great to be outside again and to sleep in tents and to sit around a fire talking a whole lot of bollocks and singing songs and drinking beer! We all loved it.

Well only three more shifts left on the Trauma Ward at the John Radcliffe! Then dunno what we are doin with France. Im seriously considering buying a car to drive there and also to have as Im gonna be here for another twelve months.

Actually - does anyone know who checks on us with our visas as in - they specify only 2 years working visa with only 12 months working - but need to know who checks it; and does it go by the hours worked??

Missing home too but having a wonderful time. Love Abster. xo