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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Jun 2006

Location: Oxford, UK

MapHello! You would never guess but am hungover again. Went to mate's place in Headington last night - English Amanda's place actually. Because... Becky Sainsbury is back in England!! Was so great to see her again. The DPC's (Dr PussyCats) were in fine form too (me and her). We had lovely food up there and wine and it was just great. Zoe came to visit me too which was awesome. Had a really great day actually.

Gave Zo the "Abbey's quick day/half day tour of Oxford" yesterday. Went to see Christ Church (my fav) College and just mucked around really. She is heading back into London this arvo so wont get to see her for another while I guess.

And last night at Amanda's Becky and I thought it would be a great idea to show the girls how to dance to Flashdance (while I was singing Pat Benator's What a Feeling song). I also thought it was a great idea to drink a lot of red wine so I was a bit tipsy. Funny stuff. Then Amanda put on her Powderfinger album which she got when she lived up in far North Queensland couple years ago. Internationalist Album - Classic.

So am not working today I have decided. And tomorrow - I go to the Greek Islands!!!!! I have to pack up my room today as in totally pack it up and keep my stuff in Shenay's room.

Am probably gonna go out tonight with Liz and some girls from Dan's old ward - think it will be good to have a dance with them. But not drinking!! (yeah right).

So Mum, hope all is still well. Sorry for rushed phone call yesterday but I just want to get the ball rolling with Dan's car. Spoke with Dan and she agrees it will be the best thing for everyone. Plus, I cant afford a car over here at the moment and especially if I am going to move to Manchester in the next couple weeks I need some money for a bond or something for wherever Im livin.

Better go and pack some stuff. The sun is out in Oxford today! I feel so privledged these days when the sun comes out to play. Therefore I put on my brightest clothes and my thongs (flip-flops for non-Australians) and try to get in it.

Love you all and miss you all heaps. Hi to Dad too of course, and Marshall if he ever gets on it (probably too busy being a moody teenager I expect).