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Abs’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Jun 2006

Location: Oxford but not for long!!, UK

MapWoop-woop!! Am going to Greece today!! OMG; havent packed up my room yet and the sun is shining and everything here but I cannot wait to get to some real fun in the sun!!

Good luck to the boys doing the 3 Peaks Challenge!! Leighton pulled out so now Kane has stepped up to take it on. Well done to them. Us girls are trying to plan out a Challenge for ourselves. But the only training that Ive been doing much of this week is training the lining of my stomach with bursts of alcohol!!! (Lucky I dont do it all the time, he he).

If you still want to donate to the MIND Mental Heath Charity for the boy's 3Peaks Challenge, just go to


Dont forget when copying it or typing it in to delete the space in betweent the full stop and the j - www.* *

Went out last night with Dan's old work friends who were saying goodbye to Alex, one of the Nurses. Was good fun. Yummy dinner too.

Better go get organised!! Love to everyone.