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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2006

Location: Rhodes (Greek Island), Greece

MapYasoo!!! Hello everyone. Greece is absolutely lovely. Sunny, gettin a slight tan (NOT getting burnt like some other poor people we have seen).
Have only been here since Sunday but have managed to go parasailing, wakeboarding, running, beach babe hunting (of course for Danni not me!!), drinking, exploring, and lazing about. Oh, and dont forget our old friend eating. We will never forget her (she doesnt let us forget).
Dan wants to hire scooters but since working on the Trauma Ward and working in Trauma theatres it doesnt really appeal to me that much. Especially as I cant wait to get back to England and get sorted with Manchester and all that. A broken leg would really eff up a lot of things, including my fitness. (I know my priorities are soooo selfish these days!!!)

Missin everyone. Ha, not too much of course.
gotta go. (Too much beach to lol about on, not enough time!)