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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jun 2006

Location: Belfast, UK

MapWoo Hoo! Back in Belfast after a bloody great weekend. Was Father's Day on Sunday and Hilary's birthday so we had a lovely bbq in their backyard which was so nice! (I am a geek with family stuff I know).

Only here for another two nights and then Im flyin back to Nottingham and Rob is pickin me up and we are going to Newquay for Lizzie and Leanne's birthday!! It's gonna be super smashin great!!

We are there for four days and then I have to come back to Belfast to work on Monday. Havent booked that flight yet actually.... Better go!

If you wanna look up photos of the weekend go to
It's Rob's website - he is even more of a computer geek than me!!