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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Location: Belfast, UK

MapHi guys. Am totally stuffed after really busy day at work. But all is good because it was only an 8 hour shift and I got off half hour early (woo-hoo!). So now I have time to go to the library and work on the net before it closes at 9pm.

I am really loving the challenge of Recovery again and working out people's assesments post anaesthetic. I love it! It's really funny because the anaesthetists are very old-fashioned (most of them anyway) so their anaesthetics are waaaay different to the ones I was used to at the Alfred. So it's funny trying to convince them not to do stuff that is proven in new research to be either harmful to the patient or just useless. I dont think they appreciate a know-it-all Little Aussie Blonde telling them either. Of course I try and make it sound like it is their idea!!!

Rob has put up photos of our trip to Newquay for his sister Liz's birthday party. There were 18 of us idiots who dressed up like the characters on Greece the movie. So check it out if you can.

Once you are in the site just click on the photo of the group of people

then you can click on the show me the slideshow and go through as a slideshow (coz the photos are bigger and you can see them).

So Mum, this is for you to be able to look at them. Just click on this underlined word below and Rob's site will come up. Then remember to click on the picture of the group of us at Newquay. xoxo

(Or get Marshall to show you how). I am going to try and call you tomro anyway, to find out how things are at home. But if I forget can you please write me a message and let me know if I should call you or not??? Im a bit worried about Marie.

Obviously if anything happens call me on 00447914095547 and you will reach my message bank if Im unable to answer. Or get Marshall to text me on Dad's phone with the exact same number I just gave you and let me know everything is alright. (Im finding it tough to communicate with everyone over here!!!)

Love you all heaps and heaps. To be sure.