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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Jun 2006

Location: Belfast, UK

MapHow's everyone? Im grand as they say here. I have a bit of an Irish accent at work at the moment as I find it's really helping my patients calm down a lot more after their monstrous old fashioned anaesthetics (they wake up really really groggy and out of sorts).

Other than that I am working flat out and havent had time this week to do any exercise - Ive just been wanting to sleep forever. This morning I was all geared up to go running before coming here for tinternet but I just reset my alarm so that I could continue the lovely sleep I was havin.

Rob is comin over to Belfast tonight woo hoo!! I talked him into it because he is so busy over the weekends, if I didnt get him to come now he probably couldnt come in the next couple months.

Then Dan is comin over on the 12th as it's a public holiday. Who knows what mischief we will get up to. Think we wanna visit the Giant's Causeway - beautiful spot in Northern Ireland.