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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

Location: Beal Firste, UK

MapWhy hello there!! I am writing wit an Oirish Accent too-dee as I hav been hangin abowt a few Oirish peoples I 'as.

Nah, too hard to spell with an Oirish Accent. And it's not what the Northerners sound like anyway. They say things like Dead On, and How Bout Yee??

They are cool as. I think I am Oirish meself.

As you can tell I am in a great mood. Just been to the gym and did a spin class. OMG, the little room where it was held had air con on but no real air con (not like your Mum does @ home when you have to put a jumper on inside - dontcha mum????) =D
I think I sweated my brains out. But I have put them back coz I have to go to work now. 1000 - 2000 today and yesterday and tomro. Then 1000 - 1900 on Friday!!

Then Ill be off to ye olde Englande again. But this time headed to the dreaded big smoke..... Dow dow dow doooooooww....

................ London

Already I can feel my bitchy face coming on for the tube and my boogies going black with the soot in the air!!!
(I know you live there Dan but your place is lovely, Brixton for you is like a burb in Melbourne).
But the city???? Me no like. But I can do for the weekend no probs.

Hopefully will be catching up with Louise Sebastiano - Uni mate from way back when at ACU, me doing as little as possible as I couldnt muster the energy to even research for my assignments (I sometimes wonder how i really passed and how they let me become a health professional!!! - scary to think about - I could be the biggest dope. Hang on; I was the biggest greenest dope ever at Uni!!!) =D

Then on Sunday will be Rob's Uncle's 50th and his cousin's 18th birthday party (same party). So I have taken myself into Karen Millen (gorgeous English shop) and picked a delightful dress and shirt for the weekend, saving £120 on sales items. Retail therapy sure does wonders.

Weekend just gone was a bit of a big one. Three mornings of 5 am wake ups did not improve an already stressed out maniac I WAS. NB: was. Not anymore. Thank god. Was wearing myself into the ground about nothing.

All is cool but I have to go and get my scrubs on and try and swindle time to have a coffee if it's not busy.

Love everyone heaps and heaps.

- ~Spoke to Marie and Brian and Mum and Dad on the phone the other night. They sounded so great. Friendship for life is a rare and special thing. The people in the close circle around you, even if they are not your family are so special. Marie spoke to me for a while and she was so great - all she wanted to know was how me and Dan were doing. She is not dying with cancer. She is living with a chronic illness; emphasis on living. What an inspirational woman.

The word feminist gets spat out of some people's mouths these days. But I know how much some women have to bear. Of course I know that men get illness too, and that men are very strong for their families too (Brian is a perfect example). But having 2 X Chromosomes makes me empathise with other double X's.
Go girls.