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Abs’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Jul 2006

Location: Royal Victorian Medical Librar, UK

MapGood afternoon. I am on my dinner break at the mo and it's another lovely sunny day. Apparently overnight there was a storm but as I passed out from what felt like exhaustion at bout 1130pm last night I did not wake until 8 am this morning. Then I slept in till 10!!! I know, sloth. But feel bit refreshed. The gym just wasnt gonna happen this morning. But I did some washing and even dusted!! (Dont fall off the chair Mum ;) ).

Things seem to be settling down. I think there is actually a calm before a storm at the minute. Because for the next two weekends I will be going back to England but then Rob is going to follow his Bro Ed up to Edinburgh to the fringe festival for all of August. I have a week off in the middle to go and stay up there with them. Rob will be doing the computer geek stuff for the show; called Painters. And I will be mosying about the city, speaking to all the thousands of Aussies that have made Edinburgh their second home and probably having a really good time.

I cannot wait to see Ed's show. It's a mixture of drama, dance, song, and clever stunts. Ed is amazing just to watch when he isnt working. Very animated character. Have a look at his website

(Rob's handiwork of course).

I just had a look at it myself and cannot wait to see it!!
So, anyone looking at going to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh should make the time to see the show. Im not sure what dates/times it's on, but will keep you informed.