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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Jul 2006

MapWell how is everyone? I am grand thank you. (It feels funny coz I dont know who reads this except for the wonderful Cazza and Mum so I sort of dont know how to begin)...

I digress...

Went to circuit class this morning. It's not as tough as the one in Oxford used to be but still really good workout. Afterwards was talking to the instructor Gerry and he is a runner. He is in a running club and goes running during the week and on weekends. So he invited me to go for a run tomorrow morning with some of the others in the group that are training for marathons and half marathons.

Eeek!! Hope they dont go too fast. But I can always just go shorter and run on home if Im too tired. If I warm up and stretch I'm usually good for it. So, that could be interesting if I can make it a regular thing, or even if I can do it once a week.

Running on the treadmill at the gym is great but it doesnt allow you to breathe as easy, and you feel claustraphobic (plus they have really crap music or none at all sometimes!!). So I would love to find some running tracks around here.

There is a 5km fun run next Sunday which I might register for too, and get out there into the street. I am looking for a partner in crime to do it with. But Im sure on the day Ill just chat with random strangers and it will be fine.

Dan has finished her week of screamin at kids. Nah, she has had a brilliant time. Cant wait to catch up with her all bout it

Gotta go back to work and eat lunch on the way.

Love Ab. xoxxo