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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Aug 2006

Location: Queens University Medical Libr

Map Not much to say today. It's Wednesday, and I have to work from 12 - 2000. I have been for a back massage today to spoil myself, as I hold stress in my back and shoulders. It was really nice.
I also havent been to the gym this week - been taking it easy since was sick on Monday and had to call in sick for work. Spent the day in bed and resolved itself. Was able to go to work yesterday, and only had a 7 hour shift which was good.

I bought a new doona cover yesterday. It's lovely. It is light blue/turqoise with pictures of Mermaids and Dolphins on it. It also has pictures of other sea creatures - crabs, octupuses, etc. It has brightened up my whole room!

Not much else to report. Dan is going well en Francais. She will have a really wicked tan by the time she gets back - probably better than Thailand tan I would say. She has been swimming and taking it easy and cooking and all good stuff like that.

I am off to Scotland on Saturday. Woo hoo! Rob is picking me up from the Edinburgh Airport which is nice, looking forward to seeing him!!

Better go now, have to go to work.