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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Aug 2006

MapBack in Belfast. All is good. So tired as got up at 440 this am to get to airport with Rob whom so lovingly dropped me off (seriously, I think he is a star for picking me up and droppin me off all the time!). I got home to Bostock House at bout 9 and then tried to sleep for bout an hour and then went to work. Luckily, I didnt have any brain teaser patients so they all were alive when I just left.
Gonna go home, stuff my face and go to sleep. Sounds bloody great. See you at eight (dont worry - it's from the Painters's show).

Edinburgh Festival is amazing and we saw Wil Anderson (Aussie stand up comedian). He was the best comedy I saw there, and it wasnt just a show for the Aussies coz Bobbo loved it too.

Miss everyone heaps and heaps. Am trying to organise a trip home but looks like Rob might not be able to come at all (unless Santa Clause is really nice this year and waves his magic wand and pays for Rob's mortgage or somethin like that - stranger things have happened!).

I have been away for exactly 13 months now. It feels weird. But Im good.