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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

MapHave just finished work. Only worked a 7 hour shift today which was good as Danni was here this morning and I didnt have to start until 11. Now am going to the gym this evening to stave off the boredom and the depression that she is not here to hang out with and mess up my room anymore!!
We had a great catch up weekend; mostly talking about food and all that good stuff. Dan arrived Saturday after spending the night at Gatwick to get on an early flight to Belfast. Dont know how she slept, so Saturday we went into town and cruised around for a while.
Then we went out to a lovely Italian Restaurant for a girl at work's going away party, then got on the wine and had a bit of a bender. Went to a place called the Spaniard that was too packed out to move and people kept bumping into me (normally i would be the one bumping but I musnt have had enough booze yet!). Then a place called Cafe Vaudeville. It is getting quite social where I live in Bostock House; and even Dan noticed a major difference to when she came over last time. There are heaps more pople around and good to hang out with.
Sunday we slept in and then went up to Coleraine to the ski school to have our wakeboards. Both of us said we didnt ride particularly well, but I havent been riding great since Greece. No 180's on Sunday. Oh well.
Then last night I worked until 830 then we caught a movie - You, Me and Dupree. With Owen Wilson. Was really funny.
In between we have been bitching/fighting/and laughing= all the usual you would expect from us, especially not seeing each other for so long!

Im off to England flying into Gatwick this Friday to then go to Oxford for the weekend. Liz is moving out of Oxford and we thought we should have another leaving Oxford do for her.. So we will. Should be good coz Rob is hopefully going to come up after work on Friday and a couple of otheer Chesvegas pple.
The weekend after that Rob is coming over to Belfast !! Yay! Not sure what to do while he is here. We might visit the Giant's Causeway or go to Donegal or somethin.

Better go. Love to eveyone.