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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Oct 2006

MapBack in Belfast. Had a very good weekend in Chesvegas. Went for quite a big run on Saturday with Rob and went out for dinner that night. Then we spent yesterday mucking around, looking for a new bed for his new house (king size woo hoo!). It's such a shame that Australia is so far away, coz I know Dad would have some great ideas for furniture and stuff for their house. Liz and Rob have chosen neutral because they are not going to live there forever, and would like to either rent it or sell it in the not too distant future.... Any interest??? ;)

Only three sleeps till New York. Cant believe it. Gonna look up Broadway shows and see what we might see see see.

See chop knee foot timbucktu.

Been up at 450 this morning because darling Rob took me to the airport. Now have a shift 12 - 8. Rob also then had to drive to Chester today and spend the whole week there. He is a good boy.

Love to everyone.