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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2006

Location: Belfast, UK

MapHowdy. I was in a bit of a dither this morning. I didnt go to the gym and was gettin the guilts about it. But I made some brekky and lunch instead in my little wet kitchen, and decided I could either go jogging with Aliesha tonight if weather permits, or head down to the gym tonight anyway after work. As I am only working shite shifts today and tomro 11-6. Then Thursday, am flying out early morning into Gatwick, which Ill then get either a bus to Heathrow or the train to Louises' house. Depending on how time is going. (I have left most of the day in between flights so that if any baggae trouble/any trouble I should be able to sort myself out in time). Then we get to JFK!!

Spoke to Lou last night - we are both in the same mood - dramas everywhere we look. So it should be good to get away from Uk for a bit. America; it's very surreal to think of.

So, will now get some stuff organised. Am tryin to redo my nurses rego for when I come home coz to be honest, i cant see myself saving much between now and then!! Plus, I need my car to be up and running and all that so, maybe Wang or Alfred???

Miss everyone heaps. Not long to go!