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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Nov 2006

MapTic Toc. Tic..... Toc. That's what it feels a bit like at the moment!! Time is going so slowly today and I feel like these two days of the weeks have taken two years to get through!! I am really on the lookout to get outta here! I know some of you are thinking - what a secret psycho :) Well, it's not a secret that Im psycho about being here at the moment!! I just cant wait to wave goodbye to living in Bostock House and living in Belfast. I have had a good time at the start, and now I am homesick and lonely.

Whinge over.

So, that being said and out of my system I hope everyone else is ok!!!! I know that Marie was in hosy for a couple days respite and sorting out - cant wait to see her when Im home!
It's now 13 days until I leave for Oz! I really am excited about it. I know I shouldnt wish away any time at all but if these three nights went faster than usual I would be greatful!
Rob and Liz are not moving in now until a week after I leave! Which is a real shame coz I was lookin forward to helpin em move in (mainly because most of their stuff is gonna be delivered and moving in somewhere nice and new is always good fun). But, they will be doin it a week later. Then a couple weeks after that Rob will also be leaving on a jet plane to come see all yous in Oz! Wow, excitin!!! (Better draw him a family tree for him to study the 7 siblings and their offspring and respective names, ages, etc (although I could use of them sometimes - Im always having to go through it in my head "from the top").

In other news, Leanne is back in the UK living with Mike on the Themes workin at GOS. She just texted me today.
Shenay is finishing up work in Oxford and had her last shift at Greens cafe today and is working at the pub for a few days then heading to London to stay with her cousins for a couple weeks/week then she is off home too!!
Louise Seb has given her resignation in to her work in London and is due home early Dec and has a bbq lined up at her joint, should be good. Simone is due to go home Tomro!! (lucky thing) and goes home for Summer also.
Liz has started her new job in Sheffield and it's going well - nutting out the teething probs I think.
Clarissa has just moved house and is working hard as usual but is off to Thailand with her family for a few weeks and gets back to Eng the day I leave so I dont think Ill see her.
Nat G is working hard too but is coming home Dec before Chrissy I think.
Zoe is havin a ball as usual and is working too but coming home for Sair's weddin!! Woop woop!!
Dan is working in Shepp and catchin up with Rach and Tarsh and the gang at home a bit and thinkin of doing a post-graduate Paediatrics course through Melbourne Uni next year - go Dan!!!;)
Caz is loved up and gonna get married soon.
Brij is partying hard and doing her usual! Big adult now.
Marsh is doin his best not to get into trouble at school.
Mum and Dad are counting down the days till they go away to Cairns for a holiday with Marsh (hope they relax and have a rest when they are there - they deserve it!! Hope they also have a look athe property market - relos living in Cairns would be unreal!!).
Nat's workin hard but keepin up.
Mia is still a bit broken, but sleeps sometimes at night coz she is so exhausted from being beautiful but coliccy (?) during the day. Ben and Mel are obviously tired but keepin up too.
Sharee and Kirsty are all good. Hope I can see them in Melb.
Dont know why I decided to do this coz I could go on forever...
But I wont!!
Abbey is now going to bed. She is bloody tired.

Love everyone. xoxo