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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006

Location: UK

MapHey there! Only five more sweeps till Im in the big smoke of Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, Australia. Just the thought of walking through those gates almost brings tears to my eyes (if you cant tell already Im having a major homesick moment).
Being at Rob's place has been awesome and Liz and I went out together to Chatsworth and went through the house which was really cool. But what wasnt cool is that it got dark at 430 and now I feel as though I could go to bed forever!!! The dark is already badly affecting me and it's only November!! Thank goodness I only have until Monday here.... So I guess I should stop whingeing and get on with it! ;)
Chatsworth today was cool - we got some much appreciated tickets into the house from one of the Scout leaders that we met way back when the Angling Fair was on and some Aussies came along for the trip - thanks Stuart!
The theme in the bits of the house that we saw were "The twelve days of Christmas" and throughout twelve rooms on the first floor of the house they had for example a partridge in a pear tree, and so on. We also went for a walk around the extensive gardens and it has one of the largest non-electronic/machine fountains in Europe.

More later.