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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006

Location: Yarrawonga, Australia

MapGday!! All goin good here at Yarra. Had Nan's Christmas Do on Sunday, with beautiful Christmas lunch and dessert. Saw all my relos again, cousins and aunts and uncles which was great!! And all the little ones too. Carrie and Stefan were here for the weekend. Caz was a bit unwell all Sat but made a great effort to go out on Sunday, she was a bit better by then anyway. They are madly in love which is so cool, and busy making their wedding arrangements!!
Bridget was here too which was also cool, then she had to get back to Melbourne to work so that was sad.
Danni has been working too in Shepparton, but I have seen a bit of her lately. We had a bbq on Saturday night at a mate's place - Tarshy's so there were a few beverages had there! But, I didnt get messy again!!!
I am off to Melbourne Thursday morning to make it to my Uni girls' Christmas lunch at Sophias in Elwood. Should be great. I should really do some Christmas shopping though....
Anyway, better go.
Love Ab. xoxox