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Abs’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Jan 2007

Location: Chesterfield, UK

MapGday everyone. Am back in Blighty. We got back yesterday after a surprisingly pleasant trip from Melbourne to London. Gorgeous Liz came to pick us up from Heathrow, and then I went home to their new house which is wicked!!!!
Hilary and John had us around for dinner last night, which was nice and then we hit the sack coz we could barely keep our eyes open!
This morning we got up and did a "family big-shop" at the big supermarket down the road. And we also decided to go to Ikea after lunch and got ourselves a chest of drawers, and a few bits and bobs to keep our stuff in so that I can finally unpack all my bags that have been hanging around for ages!!!
It hasnt been that cold here yet - apparently the weather has been gastly as in sleet, and gale force winds. But today the sun was out, and although it was a bit windy it was quite alright. (Rob still has his shorts and flip flops on of course - the only person Ive seen mind you!).
I have an interview on Monday for a job at the local hospital which is very handy. It's great that I at least have the interview, but Im not putting all my eggs into that basket as you just never know...

So Ill be putting more pics up and getting way more organised with blogging again, now that this will once again be my link with friends and fam in Oz.

We had such a great time in Austraya, and we were both really surprised just how much better it is to travel with someone and how easy it felt!!!

Love to absolutely everyone.