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Abs’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Feb 2007

Location: Manchester, UK

MapHey all!! Am in Manchester - yes, the place where King David Beckham used to play for Manchester United!!! Im here working at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. I have been placed in Anaesthetics this week, and buddyed with someone for the week, but am hopefully going to Recovery next week as I have some grave fears of being left in Anaesthetics on my own there. To be completely honest I have deskilled a lot since leaving the Alfred, and just dont have the confidence AND the ability to do it on my own there. So I told the agency that and they have coveyed the message and we'll see what happens i guess.

Im living in Lister House at the MRI (Manchester Royal Infirmary; not to be confused with the Manky Radcliffe Infirmary in oxford - but only by name because it is quite manky!!!). I have seen about 2 people in the corridors, both of which I havent talked to because I've been too tired to/they aren't bothered either.

My room stinks of must and old socks. I have left the window open every day which seems to help a bit. But it's a good room in one sense because it's close to the bathrooms and kitchen, which really makes life easier sometimes. Let's just say that out of all the accommodation I have lived in: this one is the worst. But, I think it's also free so I dont wanna rock the boat too much!!!

Everyone at the MRi has been really nice to me. Even when I have said I havent done Anaesthetics for 2.5 years, and when I said our technicians used to do a lot of the stuff the odp's do here. Someone said yesterday that the agency staff they get through there are mostly crap anyway (not meaning I was I hope!) But, as I said to Rob I cant work there feeling like I dont know enough. And I really dont think it's a confidence thing. I think that I would need to get some proper training again, and therefore I cant do it to myself and the patients and people there. Coz if something goes wrong, it would be bloody terrible.

Anyway! Hopefully I have sorted it so that I can work away in Recovery, which also seems a little more daunting now that i have come from being "mothered" a little bit in Recovery, and not having much autonomy.

I cant wait to start in A&E in Chesterfield. I am really proud of Danni, she is doing really well in A&E in Shepparton. She is going to start her post grad Diploma in Paediatrics at the Royal Children's Hosptial in a week. She has recently updated her website it's

She has some good photos from Oz there too.

Anyway, I have to go and get a shower coz Im going to a comedy club in town with some people at work who live in the other residency. Should be good as I havent seen any of Manchester itself yet, just the train station and the hospital.

No doubt I'll be on the blog at some stage on the weekend or next week.

Love to everyone and miss everyone heaps.

Great news about Marie - so good to hear she is at home!!

Am so proud of my two little nephews who started school this week!! Jack and Sebastian, who would have ever guessed either of them would make it to school!!!! Cant wait to hear about their adventures and the mischief!!!
Missing you all loads and loads but it's good to know you're all well.