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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Feb 2007

Location: Chesvegas!!!, UK

MapGood evening!!! After a booze-free weekend, I feel alive again!!! No wonder I was feeling like death on Friday.. Because I drank pretty much my body weight in alcohol on Thursday night at the comedy club in Manchester!!! Silly girl. I wont be doing that again in a hurry (it was made especially worse because I had to do anaesthetics and was really crap at it sober anyway).

Anyway, after a wonderful weekend Rob and I said our tearful goodbyes again this morning at the Chesterfield train station. He was driving his car Steve, and dropped me off at 530am so I could catch my train to Manchester. Then he has a 3 hour drive to where he is working at the moment.
How terrible!! You say. But no; I actually have tomorrow off work so I got back on a train tonight and came home to Chesvegas!! yay!! And even better, Liz had made tea and called me to say dinner was on the hob and I was more than welcome to have some!!! Wooo hoooo! So I just have had some. Or just had some..
I am in a pretty good mood if you cant tell. Mainly because last week was nearly the most stressful week I can think of... Maybe stressful isnt the right word. But it was sooo hard to admit that I wasnt confident and competent enough any more to do anaesthetic nursing as an agency nurse!!! I think that was more my problem... Ego.

so today I worked in Recovery and got to know the ropes in there - six HDU patients due to come into Recovery today, and all of them had beds!!!!!! Can you believe it???!!! No one really could but it was true. Because there were so many HDU cases on in Theatre, it wasnt busy at all in Recovery. But it felt right. So Im back in business again. Thank god.

Im trying to download a special something me and Rob did on Saturday. But Ill figure it out later.

Big hello to everyone out there!!!