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Abs’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Feb 2007

Location: Chesa, UK

MapYo. Have just had a full body massage from the delightful Elizabeth at her Massage school. It was sooo great!!! I am tired after it but was just so relaxing. I will definately be putting my hand up for going again!!!
Am heading off tomoro morning to Manchester again. This time Im staying wed and thurs night, and only have a half day Friday (although who knows what shift I might do really). Am working in Recovery which is good.
Have to go and sort out what to take, etc.
I made dhal for the first time tonight!! We got a cook book from Dave and Flo for Christmas and the dhal was fantastic. (Made from red lentils - really simple ingredients too!). Had it with naan bread (not homemade unfortunately, but still good).
Have been a bit of a domestic goddess today. Mopping floors and cleaning toilets and cooking tea (washing hands in between of course!!!).
Gotta go get stuff ready.