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Abs’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

Location: Manchester, UK

MapHappy Valentine's Day everyone!!! MMMMUAH!! (*Big kiss*)

My 4pm till midnight shift last night was tres interesting. I had a HDU patient from four oclock until 1030!! Usually, they dont stay that long but HDU had issues down there so... At least it kept me very busy!!! Im working that shift again today, so I had a big sleep in this morning. I think they want me to do this shift next week, but Ill just see how it goes because it's fine starting at 4, but there are no trains back home after midnight, so if I finish at midnight on a Fri night Ill have to wait until Sat am to get home again. Which sucks. Im looking into getting my car licence sorted so I can drive over here, and then looking into getting a new car (we have our eye on a little car that Rob's mate wants to sell coz he is now livin in Germany- it used to be his mate's Mum's car and she bought it new so it's in good condition).
If I do get a car it would give me a bit more freedom late at night. But otherwise, because we live so close to town it's actually far easier to take the 5 mins walk into town rather than parking and all that bollocks.

Friday morning we are all getting up at silly oclock and driving up to the Lake District, and staying at Lake Windemere. Hopefully we will be able to hire bikes and go walking and drink a fair bit and have a laugh. It's in honour of Rob's birthday. Apparantly they Chesterfield crew go somewhere every year for Rob's birthday, they did this last year and reckon it was tops so we will go again!!

Im really hoping my new job will start soon. It will be so good just to work up the road, and not have to travel so far! Im also hoping to sort out visa stuff in the next few months, I have to get heaps of evidence to prove it though, and even then they still have to approve your application.

Otherwise all is well. Danni and I were texting earlier and she has started Uni today, big geek girl!!! (Im very proud and jealous!!) I think it's a brilliant thing to do.

Rob and I are going to a business expo weekend after next, it's got loads of seminars and ideas and helpful tips on businesses. I guess for me it will be a good place to start!!

Better go. Love to everyone. xoxo