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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Feb 2007

Location: Manchester City Library, UK

MapHave initiated myself with another city Library. This is to add to the list of membership already; Crowborough, Oxford (Headington), Belfast, Chesterfield and now Manchester Central Library!!!

Rob is coming up here tonight to stay with me in my last night here which will be good. It wont be so good coz I only have a single bed but I think we will deal fine with one night. Then tomro we are going to Birmingham for a business expo, so we will hopefully be full or wonerful ideas and become entrepeneurs before the end of next week!!!!1 ;)

No other news really. Last night was really busy at work which is good. I havent heard about my crb check - Im going to nag them next week!!

Otherwise all is good. Except I havent done any proper exercise other than walking for a couple days. But, that's gonna change coz I have a gym membership coming through at Chesterfield and Im gonna try get to some sort of fitness level before Cazza's wedding in May!!!

Love to everyone. Send me a line to let me know what's goin on at home - even if it's still the same.