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Abs’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Feb 2007

Location: Chesterfield, UK

MapIM HOME!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!! It's been a fairly tough week in Manchester, mainly because I was worried about turning it in there but....

..... I GOT MY CRB BACK TODAY IN THE MAIL!!!!! (Which means I should be able to start work in the next week) Im so happy about it. And i even managed to leave Manchester work in a positive way - they were genuinely happy for me when I told them i had a position at Chesterfield...

This means that now I will have to get cracking on being the best A&E nurse i can be... Dan - Help~!!! ;)

Better go - too excited to sit here and type!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps - Let me know the happenins of home; what's the weather like, what's in the news, (all things I find out on the Internet anyway, but i want a personal spin on it).

Missing you guys. xoxoxoxo