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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Feb 2007

Location: Chesterfield Library, UK

MapRob's computers have gone on strike from the Internet and wont work today. So I took myself and my beautiful CRB to the Chesterfield Hospital this morning and told em I wanna job and I wannit now!!! ;) So they said I will start on Wednesday... !!!!!!!!

Im really happy about it. Although slightly (!) nervous about the fact I've never worked in an A&E Department before....

Anyway, she'll be right.

All seems to be good @ home. Dan has started her course and says that Neonates is a piece of Pi**. Not really. But she's enjoyin it. Lots of studying to be done. Me too actually...

Hopefully my little Jetpilot car is finding a new home soon!! I have to ring some people about that actually.

I'm planning on buying a new car for me over here too!! It's a little 1.4L Vauxhall (Holden) Corsa. It's from one of Rob's friends who is now living in Germany so he wants to sell it pronto.

Rob and I are sneakily lookin at cool bikes for me to buy and ride. Although i probably dont appreciate the specs and the quality of them as much as Rob does.

Ill be doing 12 hour shifts at A&E which is cool coz it means more days off in the week!! (Although Ill be doing Nights - Aaaarrrrrggghh!) It does give more flexibility to go on holidays and things like that when you have more than the standard two days off.

Better go. Love to everyone. xoxo