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Abs’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Mar 2007

MapBeen a bit of a rollercoaster week this week. Once again I cannot believe it's Saturday. I did another shift yesterday and it went really well. Especially compared to Wed when I was still tired from night duty on Monday night and then wed was busy and I lost it for about 10 minutes. But yesterday I had regained my control and got on with it and feel better for it.
Everything seems to be going well with work. Especially as now I can cannulate - went through a teaching session on Wed morning, and had to have five supervised cannulations before I could do it on my own. So I did my last cannulation yesterday and got it signed off. Now I am free to do it without supervision! (Which I suspect will be way better because it's harder sometimes to do something with people lookin over your shoulder).

Plus, Nat texted me last night to say that James' Grandmother Mavis passed away. She was such a fit and robust and lovely lady, who focused a lot of time on helping others who were less fortunate than her. x x x

On a brighter note - I went to cubs on Tuesday night (kids who are in the group before Scouts). We helped them make stuff for Mother's Day. It was really good just to be around a whole heap of kids again. They are so funny and cute. (Mum, I know you wouldnt believe it but I've changed!!) Maybe being away from all the little cuties in my family has helped me to grow up a bit and appreciate children more.

Today am gonna do some stuff around the house, and hopefully do some highly skilled migrant visa stuff (im procrastinating big-time I hate those forms!!)
Tonight Rob and I are going out for tea - it's a surprise for me so should be nice.

Work have been desperate for staff on Sunday because it's mothers day over here so I relented yesterday and told em I could do the 7am till 1pm shift; which actually is good coz I can still come home and have Sunday dinner with Rob, Liz, Hilary, John (Rob's ma and pa), Audrey and Roland (Hilary's ma and pa).

- Also, I need the brownie points at work! ;)

Love Ab. xoxo