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Abs’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: Chesterfield, UK


Still have my Aussie accent and clinging to it!!! (Got in a bit of "strife" when I got back to Oz and couldnt help but speak with a derbyshire twang) - Not really!
Cant help it anyway, just happens.

Am so excited about this trip Im going on with Leanne and her mate Lauren and crew. We are cycling about 30 miles per day (uh oh! me and Leanne are trying to think of ways out of it - joining our bikes to trucks/cars/prams/anything)...
It's not this weekend but the next.

Rob is going to Germany that weekend with a bunch of his mates to drive around a race track really fast in their cars. So funny to think of (and a bit scary) but they are all driving there and back and catching ferry's and Im sure there will be a bit of night-time foolishness that goes along with the Y chromosome and testosterone and cars etc.

Im on nights sat and sunday which is actually a good thing I have decided because I cant afford to do anything else anyway (a rest would have been nicer but I've just had nearly 3 weeks off!!!).

read your hotmail!! I wrote to you spunky mother, so write back when you can! Let me know how myob is goin. I reckon you should speak to the boss of it, not your teacher coz she sounds like she wouldnt know how to help. But especially if Jackie did it over months, not weeks!! Otherwise you will get too frustrated with it.
How is the laptop anyway? I know it was immediately better since you figured out it was coz it was on standby but how is everything else? Rob said he did a bit of tweaking, good guy isnt he?? ;)

Dan and Brij, hope Queensland is nice to you!! And hope you guys live it up while you are there! You both deserve some really nice time off.

Love ab. xoxo