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Abs’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 May 2007

MapWhat a whirlwind these few weeks have been!! Quick catch up

- we got to England and on way home visited Rob's Papa who is good but has just had a mild stroke.

- Rob left that Wed to go back to Wiltshire to work at Dyson with a view of quitting his contract and coming to work up here.

- I started back at work and people remembered me and am starting to feel more accepted as part of the team now (even though I have my reservations and prob always will)

- Rob got word that he could work back at KPMD in Sheffield for a while and luckily they could cancel his contract as of last thursday.

- The boys left midnight Thurs to get to Germany for the Nurburgring race track to be mad-whooas for the weekend and camp there and drive on an actual race track

- I got a lift to london with the boys on Thurs night and stayed at Ed's. The next day it took me 2.5 hours to get to Paddington station because I got lost and didnt have a proper map (all my fault).

- Had a great day of bike riding on Sat but Leanne and I decided we were too knackered to ride again on Sunday. And I was really concerned I wouldnt get home in time for night duty Monday Night (tonight = woo hoo!)

- Called Leanne today and she is actually proper unwell. Fevers and all. Luckily she is lookin after herself in London and taking it easy. She has promised me she will call someone if she needs help (her housemates are away for the week).

- Now I have 2 night duties and a busy week again. Did some restorative yoga just before, and am really feeling the benefits of it.

- I miss everyone like crazy!! Nat and James have just had their hole dug for their new pool! Am so excited for them and happy for them!!!

- Mum's back is on the mend thank goodness... Hopefully so is Dad's.

- Bridget went to Qld for a work incentive and had a good time.

- Dan went on hols to Qld and had a great time with Shaun and his Mum.

- Sharee is still tryin to get to NZ. Kirst is same. Have to get her another cd actually...

- Ben and Mel are having Mum over this week and they are good. Those kids are good.

- Sebbie broke his collarbone, but still ran in the cross-country. He wasnt going to run in it but the teacher said she looked around and he had already gone!!!

- Caz and Steph got back from Thailand "Sawadeka!"- they loved it!

- Marsh is still good. Tryin to sort out his knee probs.

Gotta go. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo